Outside of formalities, I often fall short of what to really say about my art.  I just want to make art.  Improve myself.  Learn new techniques, new styles, experiment with new materials and new software.  I still have a lot to learn and I couldn't be more excited about it.

Where am I going?  What lies ahead?  I have no idea.  My dream is to one day be able to create art full-time - and in the meantime I'll continue to clock in at my day job, pay my bills, and practice my craft through the early hours of the morning.

I owe a special thanks to my family, friends, and fans and the silent lurkers for all of the continued support (and/or constructive criticism).  It truly means the world to me and I hope I can continue to meet everyone's expectations.  Much love to you all!


Featured -

I'm just a simple guy who finds a special kind of joy in art.  I think that's the best way I could put it.

I'm 31 and live downtown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I grew up around here, too.  I graduated from The University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.